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The company is pleased to share the opening of the fresh office in The Kiln located at 2 Copenhagen St, Worcester WR1 2HB

Mar 20

Special Events Photo Booths is pleased to share the opening of the new office in The Kiln located at 2 Copenhagen St, Worcester WR1 2HB.

Situated in Worcester, England, Special Events Photo Booths is renowned for providing custom and innovative photo booth experiences. This exciting expansion signifies a major achievement in the company's growth journey, boosting their presence in the heart of one of the UK's most vibrant cultural and business hubs.


Strategic Growth in Worcester’s Thriving Business Environment

The decision to open this new branch in Worcester, especially at the creatively driven environment of The Kiln, aligns well with the company's strategic plan of expanding its service portfolio throughout the UK. This innovative space, known for nurturing creativity and innovation, provides a perfect environment for the new office. It completely aligns with our commitment to offering innovative and personalised event experiences," said Jag Mann, CEO of Special Events Photo Booths.


Pioneering Event Experiences in Worcestershire

This organisation has set itself apart in the event industry with its unique approach to photo booth experiences. The firm is acknowledged for incorporating the most advanced technology with tailored design, creating exceptional moments for attendees. "Our expansion into Worcester demonstrates our focus on enhancing event experiences throughout the region. We're excited to introduce our selection of interactive photo booths, renowned for their quality and customisation choices, to a new audience," Mann added.


Enhanced Client Engagement and Tailored Solutions

Our new branch in Worcester functions as a central point for improved client interactions, permitting Special Events Photo Booths to deliver more personalised and customised services. "This new base empowers us to establish deeper connections with our valued clients, customising our services to their specific needs and guaranteeing exceptional events," Mann explained.


Focus on Community Engagement and Cooperation

Special Events Photo Booths is enthusiastically devoted to becoming a key element in the Worcester community. Our goal is to work together with local businesses, event planners, and community organisations, actively contributing to the exciting event environment in Worcester. "We're not just expanding our business; we're embedding ourselves in the local fabric, with the aim of forging robust partnerships and supporting the community's growth," emphasised Mann.


Versatile Photo Booth Selections for Any Event

Recognising the diverse needs of events in Worcester, Special Events Photo Booths provides an extensive selection of customisable photo booth options. "Whether you're planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a private celebration, our mission is to ensure each event stands out and remains memorable. Our photo booths are designed to fit seamlessly with any event theme, enhancing the overall experience," Mann stated.


Welcoming Worcestershire to Experience Exceptional Event Services

Special Events Photo Booths warmly invites enquiries and bookings at their new Worcester office:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01905 964944

Prospective clients are encouraged to explore the company's comprehensive range of services on their website and learn how Special Events Photo Booths can transform their next event into an unforgettable experience.


About Special Events Photo Booths

Renowned for its innovative and excellent solutions, This organisation has become an industry leader in offering distinctive and interactive photo booth experiences. Establishing the Worcester office is evidence of their ongoing commitment to growth, customer satisfaction, and offering memorable event solutions.



Media Contact:

Jag Mann, CEO

Special Events Photo Booths

The Kiln, 2 Copenhagen St,

Worcester WR1 2HB

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01905 964944


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