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The Leading Company to Help You Build On Your Land in Seville, Ohio

Mar 13

Building a custom home in Seville, OH, is more challenging than many people think. It involves planning, picking a location, selecting the design and size, picking preferred finishes and accessories, and much more. To ensure the project in Seville, OH, is successful and gets the best value for your money, you should hire an experienced Custom Home Builder Medina. Kensington Builders is a leading construction company specializing in building small and large custom homes, and here are reasons why you should hire us.

We Are Licensed and Insured

When you plan to Build On Your Lot Medina, you must hire a licensed and insured custom home builder. Why? It is easy to hold such a company liable if something wrong happens during the construction project. At Kensington Builders, we are licensed and insured. That means our company follows the right steps and has the right team and equipment to handle small and large construction projects. If someone is injured on-site, we have workers' compensation insurance to cover the damages. And that should give you peace of mind.

We Have an Experienced Team of Professionals

As the leading Custom Home Builder Fairlawn and Seville, we have the best team in the custom home building industry. We have top architects and engineers. We also have highly trained and experienced builders, roofing technicians, painters, flooring experts, interior designers, siding experts, and other professionals to ensure we build a custom home you like. Our team allows you to be part of the project; you can give insights along the way, and we will consider them. In the end, we build an attractive custom home meeting your needs and lifestyle.

We Use the Highest Quality Construction Materials, Fixtures, and Supplies

We know this is one of your biggest investments. Therefore, as the best-rated Custom Home Builder Wadsworth and Seville, we promise to give it our all and use the highest quality construction materials, accessories, fixtures, and other supplies on the project. As a result, your home will look beautiful and last long without repairs or part replacements. That will give you peace of mind and help you save money you could have spent on repairs in the long term. 

We Offer Product and Workmanship Guarantees

Build On Your Land Medina is a significant project. And you need product warranties and workmanship guarantees from your suppliers and the builder, respectively, to protect your investment. If you let us supply the construction materials and fixtures, we will get them from top suppliers and manufacturers, and most of them will come with warranties. Besides, we offer workmanship guarantees.

Kensington Builders

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